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What’s the Issue?

S&H Logging plans to open a 25-acre industrial surface mining operation

on property near

Stafford Elementary & Athey Creek Middle Schools, soccer fields, multiple places of worship, the

Tualatin River, and neighborhoods. The mine will take up most of the 25-acre parcel.

But I thought the S&H Facility was stopped?

No, it isn’t. S&H tried to open an industrial composting and mining operation at this location in

2012. The community was outraged and Friends of Stafford (FOS), elected officials and others

rallied to pass a law prohibiting composting operations within 1,500’ of a school. However, the

law did not prohibit mining –

so S&H is back again, this time with plans to open a mine with

less protection against dust, noise, and pollution than was originally proposed


What will happen at the site?

This is an industrial surface mining operation where more than ten thousand cubic yards will

be mined annually

. Heavy equipment will operate from 7am to 6pm Mon-Sat. Dump trucks will

haul material off-site, and contractors will dump material to fill in the massive hole left behind.

How will it impact our children and community?

It will directly impact our children’s learning atmosphere, our community and the


Mining equipment will make considerable noise and dust as it digs/ loads

materials. Daily haul and dump loads will bring substantial heavy vehicle traffic. Back up alarms

on equipment will be heard at adjacent properties. Dust events will occur. Normal equipment

operation, leaks, and contractors dumping unscreened loads can contaminate soil, surface

water and groundwater in a highly sensitive watershed area where wells are used to provide

water for the schools and surrounding community.

Don’t they have to get permits to do this?

Yes, and they have already obtained their land use approval and time extension from Clackamas


These permits included a reduction in controls to reduce dust, noise, and pollution.

However, the decision is not final because both decisions have been appealed to the Oregon

Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) by Friends of Stafford. We believe strongly that both

decisions were in error.

What happens if the LUBA appeals are won?

It is difficult to say- most likely the decisions would be remanded back to the county where all or

part of the process would need to be redone. A remand could force S&H and the County to

ensure the permitting process is done properly this time, with adequate studies, controls and

limitations to protect the schools and community.

How Can I Help?

Friends of Stafford is a non-profit community-based organization dedicated exclusively to

opposing this mining operation. We believe our appeals are strong and we need your support to

continue the legal challenges. Please consider a donation at

Stopping the mine is the sole mission of Friends of Stafford. After legal fees are paid,

remaining funds will be donated to the Stafford and Athey Creek PTSA’s.



The record of the appeal on Z 0476-13-C Minor Modification request has been kept open for 7 days, until 3/13, this Thursday at 4PM.

Written testimony as argument or evidence against Z0476-13-C until 3/13/14 at 4P

Deliver to front desk at 150 Beavercreek Rd by 3/13/14 @ 4P OR

Email by 3/13/14 @ 4P OR

Fax Sandy Ingalls @ 503-742-4550 by 3/13/14 @ 4P

Note your name, address and case # Z0476-13-C on your letter.


Our Mision is Simple


S&H Logging
from building a facility
that simply does not belong
at this location


Our wonderful schools 

and the Stafford community

You Can Help

Your support is vital to this effort, and there are many ways you can participate such as writing letters to decision makers, attending rallies, donating to FOS and simply sharing your concerns about the impact of this project with your friends and neighbors.